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N A Protean 5 Medium/V Hard

The articulation of the interpreter increase the sound possibilities of this model because of the multitone character, from round sounds in the lowest part of the instrument, to harder sounds in the high part. This a perfect model to start to work the attack control, little bit harder than numbers 3 & 4, to let the students feel how many different sounds they can get with the same set of mallets playing with a different articulations.

Nuno Aroso says:

"This is the harder model of the Protean series and the one that offers the musician a staccato quality when needed. Provides a sharp and brilliant attack as well as an amazing control of the sound. As a truly multitone mallet, you will find possible to roll, play very soft whispered or deep fundamental sounds with an amazing involving resonance and feeling. Recommended for works with a extreme range of dynamics and registers."

Wooden shaft / Length: 38 cm
Rattan shaft: 38.5 cm, +6 €
Interior head: very hard thermoplastic + silicone + adhesive felt
Soumd: Hard. A new concept of multitone with a clear and precise attack
Wool tension: high
Weight: +/- 38-39 gr