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N A Protean 2 Soft/Med - Hard

The articulation of the interpreter increase the sound possibilities of this model because of the multitone character, from round sounds in the lowest part of the instrument, to quite clear sounds in the high part.

Nuno Aroso says:

"The Medium Soft mallets are a delight of delicacy and sound fluidity. This mallets offers a warm projection of the sound, being at the same time able to project a beautiful and fraught sound from very soft dynamics to very loud passages. As so, the musician can expect an exceptional control of the colors and resonances of the instrument."

Wooden shaft / Length: 38 cm
Rattan shaft: 38.5 cm, +6 €
Interior head: medium thermoplastic + silicone + adhesive felt
Sound: Medium. A new concept of multitone with a clear and precise attack
Wool tension: high
Weight: +/- 38-39 gr